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2009 was a tough year for franchises.  Most aspects of franchising were affected by difficult times – franchise sales, difficulties with franchisee relations, tough supplier negotiations and reduced consumer sales. We saw several customers either closing down or their businesses changing hands.

I think that we are going to see these difficulties extending into 2010. We are already seeing more new franchisees though transfer of ownership than we have seen before. A higher level of education is going to be needed especially if your business is marginal.

Tighter margins will mean focusing on areas of lesser management within the business. You should be looking for ways to reduce costs, increase sales and promote better levels of customer service.

We have seen a positive trend in the use of the point-of-sale system to track and manage stock. More franchisees have stopped using their pos system as a glorified till. Difficult times demand that you get as much as possible out of your pos system.

One of the biggest challenges in the quick service restaurant industry is to keep labour costs down while not compromising on levels of customer service. This problem can be tackled as long as you can create a fairly accurate sales forecast.

The challenge with respect to labour is to ensure that you have the right number of staff at the right time. Too few staff and we have the associated problems such as poor customer service and the inability to realize potential turnover, and too many staff members has a big impact on cost of labour. LabourManager addresses this problem. Labour Manager does three things very well:

  • Generates an hourly sales forecast based on your historical trends but allowing you to take into account special events such as promotions, public holidays and menu price increases;
  • Schedules work shifts for your staff based on their capability and your expected turnover;
  • Creates duty rosters by allocating staff members to the work shifts;

The net effect is that you have reduced labour costs and improved levels of customer service. Getting started is simple - either go to and sign up yourself, or fill in a short and simple form to have someone call you from LabourManager to set up your account for you and get you started.

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