Dial up Internet vs ADSL Broadband


Dial up internet vs ADSL broadband

Connecting to the Internet will invariably be via one of two routes - a dial-up internet connection or ADSL. So what's the difference between the two?

Dial-up connections

Dial-up connections have been the most common type of internet connection available from ISPs but they are also the slowest and usually the most expensive.

A dial-up connection allows you to connect to the internet via a local server using a standard 56k modem, your PC literally dials (hence the name) a phone number (provided by your ISP) and connects to the server and therefore the internet.

Dial-up connection Pros

Dial-up connection Cons
Dial-up connections are very slow compared to other connection types. When connected to the internet the same phone line cannot be used for phone calls so if anyone phones you when you are connected they will get the busy signal. In other word's it is Obsolete Technology

ADSL connections

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscribers Line) connections are increasingly available and can provide an excellent internet connection.

The connections work by splitting your phone line into two separate channels, one for data (internet) and one for voice (phone calls) which means you can talk on the phone and be connected to the internet at the same time.

ADSL connection Pros

The download speed of pages is considerably faster than dial-up. ADSL technology eliminates the need for a second phone line by allowing voice and data transfer at the same time. ADSL connections are ‘Always on', which makes the usual long wait to connect a thing of the past.

ADSL connection Cons

ADSL connections are not available to everyone, you should always ensure that you have ADSL coverage in your area (an ISP will check for you).

What does this mean for Aura?

With ADSL you will have Live support via Logmein, no more callouts that could have been resolved over Logmein, instant menu downloads and no more hassles with AEC synchronising. With a Brave new World of Technology, and the growing popularity of Online Ordering, having ADSL will ensure more business for your store and increase your profit. With all this in mind, can you really afford not to have ADSL?


How to order:

  1. If you do not have an existing telephone line then you need to apply for a normal telephone services first after which Telkom can do DSL installation. View Minimum Requirement.

  1. Check if you exchanges are DSL Compatible by using the DSL Checker. Here

  1. Once you have established that you do qualify for ADSL service, you should order your internet account from your service provider of choice or from TelkomInternet. TelkomInternet services can be ordered telephonically by dialling 10215

  2. Order via one of these different channels for the ADSL Line

Telephone Call 10219

Online Access electronic on-line DSL form

Shops Visit your nearest Telkom Direct shop

Order Forms Download the Order Form / Download Adobe Acrobat

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

MWEB ADSL 08600 32000 

AFRIHOST 0117127200

OpenWeb 0861224466

WebAfrica 0861555222

Telkom Internet 10215

For additional Information and Monthly fees on ADSL, please visit the following link ADSL - The jargon explained


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