Aura Product Manuals

Below you will see the PDF file format manuals for the main Aura products. Please note that you will require a PDF document reader in order to view these manuals; if you do not have one, click here to download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

If you have any comments, queries or complaints about these manuals; please post your message in the Aura Manuals Discussion forum.

For a list of version changes, please see the Aura Release Notes.

Version 6.3 Release

Version 6 General Guides

Additional Aura POS Suite application manuals.


Older Manuals

Only the user manuals for current versions of Aura will be listed here. If you are running an older version, it is highly recommended to contact out Aura Helpdesk and request a software update.

Alternatively, if you require user manuals for the older versions, please put in a request with our helpdesk.

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