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I recently got an email from an irate customer to said that I sent him a virus in an email. This was however a misconception.

There are many Trojan viruses that will scan an infected computer's address list and masquerade as being from someone on that list. It will send multiple emails to everyone in the address list in the hopes that the recipient will open up the email and infect their own computer.

The best way to avoid virus infection is to observe the following:

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Should I leave my computers on at night or switch them off?

Modern computers should be switched off at night. Long gone are the days when computers were so fragile that switching them on and off caused them to heat up and cool down and thus break the fragile components.

There are numerous benefits to switching your computers off at night. Please click read more below...

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Windows 98 no longer runs Aura.

We stopped supporting Windows 98 over 5 years ago, but Aura has still been able to run on it. From version onwards, Aura will not run on Windows 98 at all.

If you still have workstations running Windows 98, we recommend purchasing a new server and downgrading your current server to a workstation to replace the Windows 98 machine. If you have more than one Windows 98 machine, these will need to be replaced. You will not be able to upgrade the version of Windows. A new machine will need to be purchased.

Windows Telephone tech support scams

There has been an increase in Windows telephone scams, and all businesses need to be prepared to handle a situation where some-one is trying to take advantage of you.

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Gross Profit Report Not Balancing?

If you run your gross profit report and it does not balance, do you know how to 'dig deeper' to get to the root cause of the problem? If not, we have created a step by step troubleshooter that will point you in the right direction. It can be accessed by clicking here

We are very interested to know if using the troubleshooter helped you to resolve your problem. You can use the feedback form to give us this feedback.

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Sharing your ADSL account between multiple locations - A warning

If you are having problems with your ADSL account occasionally dropping the connection, you might be using it at more than one location.

We have started noticing this trend lately as store owners use one ADSL account between two or three or more locations.

In some cases this will work just fine. In other cases this will appear to work, but the connection will work intermittently and in other cases it will not work at all.

It all depends on your service provider and adsl package.

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Did you know that you access the Aura manual by pressing F1?

Aura's manual is now approaching the 700 page mark. Andre has worked hard to keep the manual updated and relevant but wading through a 700 page manual can become tiresome.

Did you know that from any screen in Aura you can press the F1 button on the keyboard and the manual will open on the page that is relevant to the screen you are on?

Try it. Stuck with returning stock? Go to that screen in Backoffice and press F1. The manual is also hyperlinked so you can jump from section to section instantly by clicking on the blue links.

Dial up Internet vs ADSL Broadband


Dial up internet vs ADSL broadband

Connecting to the Internet will invariably be via one of two routes - a dial-up internet connection or ADSL. So what's the difference between the two?

Dial-up connections

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