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We've improved the look & feel of our website!

 We've just updated the look & feel of our website! We've made quite a few improvements to the navigation and readability of the website. For example, the previous one didn't suit a lower screen resolution and if your screen width was 1024 pixels or lower then you wouldn't have been able to see all the information without scrolling across the screen.

Cosoft partners with DreamSafe to provide an online backup service to customers.

Cosoft has partnered with DreamSafe to offer an online backup solution to its customers. Aura customers can now subscribe to a managed service which will backup their entire database in minutes to off-site, secure backup servers for as little as R245 per month.

DreamSafe differs from other online backup solutions in that it uses Avamar technology to reduce the amount of Internet bandwidth used during the backup process - up to 500x less traffic.

Cosoft is Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification

 We at Cosoft are very proud to announce that we have now achieved our ISO status.

Cosoft complete Customer Service training

As part of our efforts to give world class customer service, all Cosoft support staff have just completed a 7 part skills development program in customer service with BEI.

This valuable course has equipped our staff with better tools to support our customers as well as improve our internal effectiveness within Cosoft. Areas covered in the program included the following:

Cosoft Embarks on ISO 9001:2000 Certification

Cosoft announced that it has been working hard to attain it's ISO 9001/2000 certification. During the past 12 months, every single process within the business has been scrutinized and re-engineered where necessary to ensure that this goal is achieved before the end of 2008. The ISO 9001 standard provides a framework around which a quality management system can effectively be implemented. The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, with continual improvement being the driving force behind the certification.

Cosoft Attends Hostex 2008 in Cape Town

Cosoft recently attended the 2008 hostex exhibition in Cape Town. Catering to the hospitality industry’s needs, Hostex was first established in Johannesburg in 1986, South Africa’s International Hospitality and Catering Exhibition. Hostex is the largest and longest running exhibition of its kind in Africa.

Cosoft Opens Cape Town Office

In the past, Cosoft has outsourced the on-site support, training and installation services in the Western Cape to a third-party company based in Cape Town. It was not long before it was determined that the level of support services supplied by the third-party company were not satisfactory. Furthermore it was unlikely that this situation would ever change as a result of a conflict of interests between the parties.

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