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Training Videos

To help you get more out of Aura, check out our video channel on YouTube. We are now producing a new training video every day of the week!


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I recently got an email from an irate customer to said that I sent him a virus in an email. This was however a misconception.

There are many Trojan viruses that will scan an infected computer's address list and masquerade as being from someone on that list. It will send multiple emails to everyone in the address list in the hopes that the recipient will open up the email and infect their own computer.

The best way to avoid virus infection is to observe the following:

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Start implementing proper stock controls and improve your bottom line!

I was surprised when I first heard that world-wide, the number of restaurant operators that actually control and manage stock properly was fewer than 50%. The fact is that if you own or operate a restaurant, no matter how well you think you're doing if you are not monitoring your stock, you're not managing it properly - and if you're not managing your stock properly then your bottom line is suffering.

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Tips for running a successful restaurant

Every now and again I come across some great content on the web - if you are an existing restaurant owner / operator or are planning on getting involved in that industry, you might want to check out http://www.anewrestaurant.com/ for some great tips on running a successful restaurant.

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Get MORE from your Point-of-Sale system!

2009 was a tough year for franchises.  Most aspects of franchising were affected by difficult times – franchise sales, difficulties with franchisee relations, tough supplier negotiations and reduced consumer sales. We saw several customers either closing down or their businesses changing hands.

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