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Business Benefits

Having been in the business for more than 24 years, we recognize that stock controls are essential to the effective management of your business. Stock Control is the heart and soul of the application. A Stock Variance report will show you your stock losses by comparing your actual stock usage to your theoretical stock usage based on sales through the till and item recipes. 

Proper stock controls are only possible if your menu and stock database are up-to-date, and your recipes are accurate - which is exactly why we have a dedicated team to assist you with this!

Gross Profit (GP) is the golden indicator in your business. Aura will show you a theoretical GP figure that you could have achieved with your sales mix had you been fortunate enough not to have any shrinkage. Compare this with your Actual GP, and the report will give you a value figure showing you the difference between theoretical and actual.

Having dealt mainly with franchises and multi-store owners, we know that running reports can be a pain. Our scheduled batch reporting tool allows you to set up batches of reports to generate automatically and get distributed via email to lists of recipients. For example, a Stock Variance report to go out every Monday at 11:00 am for the week prior goes to the owner and managers; a GP report to the owner on the 5th of every month for the previous month; a Royalty Report to go to the master franchise holder on the 7th of every month.

We also recognize that a multi-store owner cannot always be there to keep an eye on things. We have integrated SMS agents that will send you a text message on certain trigger points in the application – either real-time or according to a schedule. For example, if a manager voids a transaction, you could receive a text message with the details of the transaction and which manager did it. Perhaps you want a text message every night after closing showing you the store turnover.

If a delivery customer places a high-value order, the system could text you the customer’s name, phone number and value of the order so that you can call and thank the customer. If a manager makes an adjustment to a posted stock take figure, you may want to know about it as and when it happens.

We know that ordering the right mix of stock can be a challenge. Put in a turnover figure, and the Order Wizard will tell you exactly what you need to order by the supplier so that you have enough stock-cover to achieve that turnover figure. This is determined by looking at history and using your sales mix and recipes to determine the right combination of stock needed – considering current stock on hand. A quick review and approval allow you to then generate orders from your suppliers.

Your staff’s ability to upsell will have a direct impact on average transaction size. This will have a direct effect on turnover. Our unique Brand Workflow feature is integrated with pick-lists to generate screen prompts. This encourages “up-sell” by your cashiers. 

We have had reported cases where turnover has increased between 5% and 45% after implementing brand workflow!

Aura offers you the following business benefits:

  • Peace of mind with our National Support structures;
  • System Reliability and ease of use;
  • Complete Management of Food cost (FC) and Gross Profit (GP);
  • Fast and accurate stock control;
  • Date-to-Date reporting including FC and GP;
  • Actual vs. Theoretical Gross Profit;
  • Automatic generation and distribution of reports via email;
  • Brand Workflow – screen prompting for cashiers to promote up-sell and increase average basket size;
  • Automatic generation of Stock orders;
  • Biometric security (fingerprint scanning);
  • Monitoring and management of staff efficiencies.
05 Jan

Midrand End Year Function 2019.

On Wednesday, 11th December 2019 Cosoft Midrand celebrated another successful year. 

Congratulations to the following people at the Midrand branch for receiving "Years of Service Awards":

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14 Nov

Cosoft Midrand has relocated.

We are proud to announce that our Midrand branch has relocated to a bigger and brighter office. The Midrand branch is now located in Central Park Offices just off New Road. The office park offers beautiful landscapes, ample parking, and a nice Coffee shop.

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10 Oct

New Offices in Victoria Country Club Estate

We are all thrilled to have recently moved our Hilton Helpdesk and Admin offices to our new premises at the Victoria Country Club Estate in Pietermaritzburg. Our new offices are much brighter, and much larger than what we had previously, offering stunning views of Chase Valley.

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