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Kitchen Workflows


No matter how simple or complex your kitchen workflow, Aura POS has you covered.

With our Kitchen Workflow Manager software, you can have as many monitors in your kitchens as you like. Our powerful software supports features such as these.

Forking and joining orders

One order can be split according to various filters that you define. An example would be sending salads to one makeline and grilled chicken to another makeline. You can then consolidate the full order at the end. Forking can be done in a number of ways such as by Brand, Order Type (counter, collect, delivery, table), Originating Till, Product Type, Cashier.

Keep multiple makelines running in sync

Busy stores with multiple makelines struggle to keep their makelines in sync. If one makeline receives a big order, then it goes out of sync and orders to start to come out in the wrong order causing complaints from customers. The Aura POS Kitchen Workflow Manager resolves this by allowing makelines to pull the next order onto their display when they are ready. All orders sit in a queue and appear on makelines in the order they are rung up, no matter which makeline is ready for the next order.

Customizable actions

Every monitor in your kitchen can have a triggered event occur when the order appears on the monitor, or when the order is bumped off the monitor. Custom actions are things like SMS the customer, call the waiter, play a sound, print a slip, send the customer a “we’re sorry” voucher if the order is late.

Customer display

You can display the progress of orders to your customers on a display in the customer waiting area. Let customers know your current expected wait time before they order and let them know when their order is ready. We will even theme the display’s fonts and colours according to your brand making it look great.

Very affordable hardware

Traditionally, stores have been using printers instead of monitors in their kitchens. This has been largely due to the cost and space limitations of having computers in kitchens. These days or over. Our kitchen display hardware is now at an all-time record low price with the computers costing less than half the price of a kitchen printer and being as small as a credit card.


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