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Our mission is to help your restaurant become a better business. To support that, we only sell best of the breed, retail-hardened computer equipment which generally carries a 3-year warranty. This means ensuring as little down-time as possible so you can continue trading with as little interruption as possible. This is exactly why we only partner with the best in the industry.

If our HiSense POS terminal does ever give you a problem, we’ll lend you a unit while we sort out the problem so that your business continues to operate with minimal disruption.

If our Epson slip printer stops working while under warranty, we'll replace it immediately on the first callout - saving you time and money.

We recognize that existing stores may have already made a significant investment in computer equipment – and so for those outlets, we do not insist on using our own hardware. This is however recommended to avoid installation problems where equipment is not to our recommended specification. We do not work on hardware that we have not supplied - and so if you do want to use your own equipment you will have to get your own technician to support that equipment.

Our Proudly South African software, Aura™, supports both a touch-screen and mouse/keyboard-driven interface - which is sometimes preferred if capturing customer address information. We typically install touch-screen integrated point-of-sale equipment units in most restaurants. These integrated computer-touchscreen units are from HiSense - China’s largest point-of-sale manufacturer. Time has proven these units to have a failure rate of less than 1%.

We have chosen Epson as our printer partners. These printers are extremely reliable - and also carry a 3-year warranty. To keep your downtime to a minimum, if your printer fails during the 3 year period, we do a single trip – to collect the faulty printer and issue you with an immediate replacement. Problem resolved in a single visit!

Cosoft sells the following brands of hardware. Each has its own warranty.





HP (3-year walk warranty)
These are our tried and tested Backoffice computers.







Hisense (3-year walk warranty)
Our cashier tills, waiter stations and tablets for mobile POS.







Epson (3-year walk warranty)
Our slip printers and report printers.

Other (typically a 1-year walk-in warranty)
UPS’s, cash drawers, widescreen monitors, kitchen computers, fingerprint scanners, and other peripherals.
* A walk-in warranty means that the repairs will be covered by the manufacturer. The cost of getting the hardware to our service center in Midrand is not covered by the warranty, nor is a callout to the site for technical assistance, re-installing it, temporarily re-routing printers, troubleshooting etc.  All these extra costs can be covered by purchasing our optional maintenance contract.
A hardware failure in the first 6 weeks will be deemed an out of box failure and therefore labour costs and callouts to the site will be covered by Cosoft.

Cosoft has a dedicated service center based in Midrand. We strive to have any hardware that you bring in to our service center sorted out in under 30 minutes. During this time, you are welcome to wait in our Chill Zone where you can use our complimentary Wi-Fi, play Foosball, have some coffee or tea and relax while you wait.


We are leading point-of-sale providers in the restaurant industry and have been helping restaurants become better businesses since 1995. Our services include Software, Hardware, Training and Enterprise Data Management





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