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Who are we?


Whether you are a neighborhood restaurant or franchise chain, we can provide you with tools that will enable you to run your business more successfully.

Cosoft provides complete operational systems for the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Our business solutions have been tried and trusted by leading companies since 1994. We have installations throughout Africa from South Africa to Sudan as well as in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Our restaurant solutions were born through the ever-expanding home delivery sector of the hospitality industry, specializing in providing the industry with franchise controls, and tools to maximize restaurant profitability.

Our complete solutions include point-of-sale software, kitchen workflow management tools, driver delivery tracking, online ordering via web and mobile apps, vouchering, point-of-sale hardware, networking, training, consulting, on-site support, enterprise information management, and data warehousing.


We are leading point-of-sale providers in the restaurant industry and have been helping restaurants become better businesses since 1995. Our services include Software, Hardware, Training and Enterprise Data Management





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