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We will do an audit of your existing hardware to see what we can keep. This way we are able to reduce the cost of new hardware. Once the hardware has been determined, we’ll prepare a customized quote. We’ll even do the installation at night so as not to interrupt your trading. After you close, we’ll remove the old POS and install Aura. By morning, you’ll be up and running.

This poses no problem, we just need to remove your old menu with recipes and you’ll have to create a new one. Please let our accounts department know so we can sign new contracts.

Our sales team can arrange a 30 day free trial on a demonstration database. This is a virtual store that you can access over the internet and ring up sales, run reports, etc. We’re not able to provide a demo license for your trading store.

We will certainly try, it depends on your location. Please fill in our sales lead and we’ll be in touch.

Yes, we have an ‘experience Aura’ showroom at our Midrand office. You can come and interact with the software, have a demonstration and look at the hardware available. You’re welcome to walk in, but we do recommend booking an appointment so we can take you through the software.


Cosoft will create your first menu iteration for free. Thereafter, you may maintain your own menu, or have Cosoft maintain it. In either case, you will need to contact the menu department via email: menus [at] cosoft.co.za (menus [at] cosoft.co.za).

Depending on the complexity of the menu, we will need 3-4 weeks minimum to create your menu for you.

  • You maintain your own menu:
    We will offer as much free training as you need but the data capture into the POS will be done by yourself.
  • Cosoft maintains your menu:
    This is preferable if you are planning on running multiple stores with multiple menu profiles that need to be updated regularly. We also have strict timelines and procedures in place that need to be followed by ourselves and by you. This is because there must be traceability and responsibility in case of any errors or deadlines not being met. We have sign-off procedures in place where we will require that you or your nominated POS representative assess our work for accuracy and sign off 1 week before launch.  

For the design of the menu, we require the following information on an Excel document. Please note you are able to provide many types of additional information on the spreadsheet which we will include in the menu.

  • Menu items with updated prices and codes;
  • Stock items with codes and unit of measure;
  • Manufactured/production items with codes, recipes, and yields;
  • Recipes for menu items;
  • Samples of the format will be sent to you;

We can offer you our POS software as an upfront purchase or on a recurring monthly basis. Your hardware needs to be purchased, but we can finance the deal over a period of 12 to 60 months. Please let our sales team know if you’d like these options.


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