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The POS or Invoicing terminal runs on a networked workstation. All data is stored on the server which runs a Microsoft SQL Server database. This way, a POS terminal cannot run in offline mode and hide turnover from the master franchise.

Features include the following:

  • Touch-screen or Keyboard driven;
  • Consistency of on-screen buttons across stores;
  • Cashups at the POS terminal or BackOffice computer;
  • Blind cashups to avoid fraud;
  • Counter / Collect / Delivery / Sit-down table transactions;
  • Record Customer Details, ranking, history, profiling;
  • Graphical view of restaurant tables;
  • Full access control for all users;
  • Complete activity audits;
  • Optional Fingerprint access or swipe card control;
  • To save costs, BackOffice computer can function as a POS terminal as well;
  • Streets database with map reference for deliveries to prevent “dirty” customer data;

Aura Mobile POS extends your in-store POS beyond the walls of your store. It is an app that is available from the Google Play Store

Features include the following:

  • Ring up orders on a mobile phone;
  • Works over Wi-Fi or 3G/LTE;
  • Works in offline mode, so even with no Wi-Fi or connection, you can still process orders and take payments;
  • Order sync with the store when the connection is re-established;
  • Prints to a portable bluetooth printer,
  • Increases sales;
  • Suitable for vending at events;
  • Perfect for queue busting;
  • Can be used at busy drive-throughs;
  • Ideal for the Covid-19 pandemic where customers might not be comfortable to enter the store;

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The BackOffice application is used for all administration and reporting in the system.

Features include the following:

  • Recipe-based Cost of Sales;
  • Actual vs Theoretical Gross Profit and Food Cost;
  • Stock Variances by Unit and Value;
  • Stock Ordering according to historical sales mix;
  • Receipting of stock against orders
  • Suppliers database;
  • Unlimited stock items, stock locations;
  • Control accounted-for and unaccounted-for stock losses;
  • Product performance reports;
  • Exception reports and alerts to avoid data input errors;

Monitoring the performance of staff members means being able to push up-sell in your business which increases average transaction size. This has a direct effect of increasing turnover in the business.

  • Productivity reports such as avg. transaction size, rate of up-sell;
  • Fingerprint recognition for security;
  • Time & Attendance;
  • Full activity audits;
  • Staff Meal control;

Flexible, graphically rich reporting which can export data to multiple formats including Word, Excel and Portable Document Format (PDF).

All reports are date-driven which means you can run reports for any time period. Report batches can be scheduled to run automatically and then distributed to email lists.

Access to consolidated figures is provided via Internet Explorer through point and click reports.

Additional Business Intelligence options are available for the advanced needs of power users.

SMSAgent is a suite of applications designed to improve on customer relations and keep you informed of certain activities within your store via cell phone network's Short Message System service (SMS).

Designed to integrate with the Aura POS system, our SMSAgent features include functions such as:

  • Automatically messaging the client when their delivery order has left the store with the driver;
  • Informing any number of people when a particular function has been performed (Cashup Completed, Staff Discounts, etc.);
  • Sending additional information about key performance indicators such as store turnover and staff attendance.

Messages are sent either according to a schedule you specify or immediately depending on what event occurred. For example, if a delivery customer places an order for more than R500 then you may want to send an SMS to the store owner with the customer's name and number for a personalized caring call-back from the business owner. Some of the benefits this brings to your business are: 

  • Increased customer loyalty, if customers know their order has been processed on the way they have greater confidence in the service provided;
  • Customers will feel a more personal relationship with your business;
  • Stay informed of events happening as they happen. Lack of staff, excessive discounting, delayed cash-ups, day end turnover, and other important notifications keep you informed immediately or over time so that you can be more responsive to issues that arrise as soon as they happen;

Contact Manager is an application designed for targeted marketing via Email, Postal (printed address labels) or SMS. Using a simple wizard-driven process, you can target segments of customers to distribute promotions, vouchers, and marketing material.

The system can also be used to thank new customers, deliver important information and to welcome new customers to your business.

In order to obtain this information, your business would need to process delivery orders, or have a loyalty program put in place so that you can track customer purchasing habits via a telephone number or a unique loyalty number.


  • Send a welcome to new customers;
  • Send a teaser to customers who haven't ordered for 1 to 2 months;
  • Send a further teaser to customers who haven't ordered for 2 months or longer;
  • Send a gift to your top 10 customers;



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