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Banking Integration


About Nomad

"The success of Nomad relies, foremost, on the success of our customers. We also have an entrepreneurial spirit within the organization that endeavors to take advantage of the growing need for self-service payment and related Value Added Service (VAS) technology.

Their team of highly skilled business professionals, developers and engineers jointly bring over 90 years of I.T Telecommunications and Banking equipment expertise to the business.

We provide secure payment processing solutions for merchants wishing to optimize the retail experience of existing customers while also increasing store foot traffic. Our fully integrated and standalone POS solutions are both flexible and cost-effective."

To find out more about Nomad visit their website: http://nomadeft.com/Default.asp

About FNB

"FNB is the oldest bank in South Africa, and can be traced back to the Eastern Province Bank formed in Grahamstown in 1838. Today, FNB trades as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. When looking at FNB's history, two things in particular stand out. The first is a story of survival - different circumstances in South Africa have posed many great challenges in our history, all of which FNB has successfully met. This track record provides a strong foundation for our future challenges. The second is a story of people - our history has always been firmly influenced by the needs of the people we serve.

The Acacia tree in our brand logo is a suitable representation of our history. Our roots run deep in South Africa, and we have grown thanks to our commitment to serving the needs of our clients and communities.

A landmark development in FNB's history took place in 1998 when the financial services interests of Rand Merchant Bank Holdings and Anglo American were merged to form FirstRand Limited. In the process, FNB was delisted from the JSE on 22 May 1998 to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of FirstRand, which was listed on the JSE on 25 May 1998. On 30 June 1999, the banking interests of FirstRand formally merged into a single entity to form FirstRand Bank. FNB, WesBank, and RMB now trade as divisions of FirstRand Bank."

To find out more about FNB visit their website: https://www.fnb.co.za/index.html

About Transaction Junction

"We are obsessed with payment and service innovation. Our market-leading approach to payment acceptance solutions and our unrivaled commitment to our clients has enabled our business to grow into what it is today.”

To find out more about Transaction Junction visit their website: https://transactionjunction.co.za/

Accounting Integration


About Xero

"How Xero can help transform your store
Running a store is demanding. Xero helps you streamline your finances, leaving you more time to serve your customers.

  • Keep control of stock with inventory management from Xero.
  • Sync Xero with third-party apps for point of sale, CRM and more.
  • Run payroll, track working hours, and approve leave from anywhere.
  • Share information in real time with your accountant or bookkeeper from wherever you are."

To find out more about Xero visit their website: https://www.xero.com/za/

Delivery & Driver Tracking Integration



About Delivery Tribe

"Delivery Tribe is a subsidiary of Cosoft (Coherent Software Solutions).

Delivery Tribe is a Software development company that focuses on enhancing the delivery services of restaurants who deliver across the country.

The Deliveree Application and Web interface allow stores to track their drivers and the time it takes for food to be delivered; this way, internal operations can be better managed."

To find out more about Delivery Tribe visit their website: http://support.deliverytribe.co.za/support/home

Online Ordering & Call Center Integration


About Yumbi

"Make Your Brand The Hero Again
In a cluttered digital food ordering marketplace, we help your brand stand out from the crowd and connect directly with customers."

To find out more about Yumbi visit their website: https://www.yumbi.com/index.html

About LimeTray

"So we at LimeTray, decided to help restaurants by designing and implementing products that help bridge the disconnect between the restaurants & the consumer. In a world that demands convenience, we help restaurants in getting online and provide them tools to engage with customers, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency."

To find out more about LimeTray visit their website: https://limetray.com/

Payment & Loyalty Rewards Integration


About Zapper

"Zapper makes mobile payments convenient and secure across all market sectors for both consumers and merchants. Basically, anywhere you display your unique Zapper QR code, you can get paid."

To find out more about Zapper visit their website: https://www.zapper.com/merchant

About WiGroup

"Welcome to the new world of mobile convenience.
As technology keeps changing consumers become brand savvy navigators with the power of choice at their fingertips. We’re here to help you give your customers what they want. Let’s chat."

To find out more about WiGroup visit their website: https://www.wigroupinternational.com

About Celbux

"Celbux prides itself on being an agnostic, software-based solution, meaning that transactions can be processed between any two devices."

To find out more about Celbux visit their website: https://www.celbux.com/index.html


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