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Call Centre Ordering


We are also now able to offer you a call centre platform for placing orders. Instead of taking your phone-in orders in the actual store, you are now able to centralize that function, and orders are distributed to the relevant stores from a central, remote location. You can either have one big national call centre for all your stores, or you can have smaller, regional call centres that service certain stores. This solution also supports multi-branded call centre configurations where a call centre can take phone-in orders for multiple brands.

There are massive advantages to implementing a call centre even if you only have one or two restaurants. These include the following:

  1. Significant increase in additional orders during peak periods - because now your customers can get through instead of reaching a busy phone;
  2. Increased average basket size because your sales agents do nothing but sell;
  3. Better in-store customer experience because counter customers are not watching your staff on the phone while waiting to be served;

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